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January 10, 2019 - The Coyote is my favorite animal. I believe that they are one of the greatest conservation stories of all time. That statement might come as a surprise because almost nobody cared for coyotes. There was no plan to save them, no plan to set aside space for them. However, in a remarkable feat of animal endurance, they saved themselves. The United States government, with the encouragement of the livestock industry, spent over a half century trying to exterminate coyotes. They used bullets, traps, helicopters, and poison laced carcasses. But due to the coyote's amazing adaptations, the Coyote persisted, and colonized every major US city in the process.

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Hi, I'm Emmet Arries, a self taught computer nerd and lover of nature and wild places! In my 19 years of life I have been lucky enough to live in homes surrounded by amazing yards, in communities with vibrant open spaces and active people working to protect them. As soon as I could walk, my focus every morning was to be outside! Most of my days, most of my life, have been spent engaged with our natural world. Without realizing the rarity, and value of it, I have grown up in connection with nature and find joy whenever I am in it...read more

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